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Foster Sons and Cotton Girls

Tuuli ja myrsky-kansi

Vapriikki 2011
61 pages, black and white, perfect bound

Nine tales from Tampere. Stories Pauli Kallio. Publication group Mari Lind. Ilona Koivisto, Aino Nissinaho ja Kimmo Antila.

The graphic novel of Pauli Kallio and Tiitu Takalo narrates nine fascinating tales of people in the stream of history. At the same time it illustrates Tampere's development from a village into a city.

The foster son of Iron Age, the cotton girl of Industrial Revolution and other historical figures lead the reader on an imaginary journey into the history of a 230-year-old city.

The joys and sorrows of the people have been similar all through the centuries but the city and the society surrounding it change continuously. Life's small events, displayed in these comics, bring history to life in a new manner.

  • Foster sons and cotton girls  nine tales from Tampere - A sample
  • Foster sons and cotton girls  nine tales from Tampere - A sample
Graphics & concept: Tiitu Takalo
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