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Comic Artist and Illustrator Suomeksi
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Hyena Publishing

Hyeena Publishing means Tiitu Takalo’s s small- and self-publishing activities that begun in 2000. The most long-term and maybe also the most important publication of Hyeena Publishing has been the Irtoparta (detachable beard) zine, wich consisted of comics by female artists and authors from Finland and abroad. Eight issues of Irtoparta zine came out between 2001 and 2007 and from the second issue onward it was published by Hyeena Publishinghyeena-publishing.Click the pictures to see them bigger.

  • Pussailua barrikadeilla - Kissing behind the Barrigades, Kalenteri vuodelle 2010
  • Johanna Lonka: Arkena ja sunnuntaina
  • Tiitu Takalo: Nurin 2007
  • Irtoparta no. 6
  • Irtoparta no. 7
Graphics & concept: Tiitu Takalo
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