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Irtoparta Magazine No. 1

Irtoparta no. 1 kansi

2001, 48 pages, A5, zine. Cover: Anna-Kaisa Laine ja työryhmä. Sold out.

The first Irtoparta (Detachable Beard) had no single editor or publisher. Instead, the whole zine was made together, the printing was financed together and everybody got the same amount of zines. Working together and almost everyone contributing, we added an extra colour by hand on the cover with screen printing.

Contributors: Anna-Kaisa Laine, Anne Savitie, Tiitu Takalo, Johanna Lonka, Katri Mononen, Henna-Leena Kallio, Hanneriina Moisseinen, Raila Knuuttila, Johanna Borgman, among others.

Graphics & concept: Tiitu Takalo
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