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Irtoparta Magazine No. 3

Irtoparta no. 3 kansi

Hyena Publishing 2002
46 pages, A5, zine. Sold out.

The theme of the zine was teens. Included are memories from our youth, excerpts from diaries and comics drawn in our teens.

Contributors: Johanna Lonka, Tiitu Takalo, Heta Laitakari, Henna-Leena Kallio, Anna-Kaisa Laine, Katri Mononen, Aura Ijäs, Valpuri Talvitie and Hanneriina Moisseinen, among others.

Graphics & concept: Tiitu Takalo
Web design, concept & code: Simo OllilaSimo Ollila is a freelance web designer and consultant based in Tampere, Finland. Simo just loves CSS-design and web standards. His other passions include usability, SEO, marketing in social media and The Clash.