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Irtoparta Magazine No. 5

Irtoparta no. 5 kansi

Hyena Publishing 2004
63 pages, A5, zine. Sold out.

The cover was a collective effort, though the idea was mine, I think. The best issue of Irtoparta (Detachable Beard), in my opinion. The cover was screen printed by hand, and there are at least seven different colours. The back cover has a numbering, which shows how many copies of each colour were printed. The other texts on the cover were stamped by hand. The zine was finished without a computer, except for rastering a few times.

Contributors: Anna-Kaisa Laine, Solja Järvenpää, Heta Laitakari, Elina Lind, Johanna Lonka, Martina Meier, Teresa Camara Pestana, Anne Savitie, Helena Dias and Tiitu Takalo, among others.

Graphics & concept: Tiitu Takalo
Web design, concept & code: Simo OllilaSimo Ollila is a freelance web designer and consultant based in Tampere, Finland. Simo just loves CSS-design and web standards. His other passions include usability, SEO, marketing in social media and The Clash.