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Nurin (Inside Out)

Nurin-albumin kansi

Hyeena kustannus 2007
72 pages, A5, black and white, zine

A collection of my comics from 2001-2007. Some have been published previously in the magazines Irtoparta, Sarjari and Mörkö, among others. Once again, the topics range from relationships to heart ache and the different expectations placed on different gender.

Compered to Jää Nurin is a little bit more melancholic collection of a forever single person's love life. My own favorites in the zine are "Anni has shagged a cop" and "Pirate Princesses".

Graphics & concept: Tiitu Takalo
Web design, concept & code: Simo OllilaSimo Ollila is a freelance web designer and consultant based in Tampere, Finland. Simo just loves CSS-design and web standards. His other passions include usability, SEO, marketing in social media and The Clash.