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Tuuli ja myrsky (Wind and Thunder)

Tuuli ja myrsky-kansi

Suuri Kurpitsa 2009
80 pages, B5, black and white, perfect bound.

A story about violence, fear, anger, courage, friendship and gender. Experienced and observed incidences and emotions, an article by Mari Kamaja "How I Was Raped" (Aamulehti Sunday supplement "Sunnuntai asiat" 14.12.2007) that I made the illustrations for and also a zine named What Do We Do Then? – Community Response to Sexual Assault have influenced the creation of this graphic novel.

Tuuli ja myrsky was released in Swedish in April 2010 with the title Slåss som en tjej. The publisher is Optimal Press.

See also an illustrated story of the creation process of Tuuli ja myrsky.


Graphics & concept: Tiitu Takalo
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