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Tyhmä tyttö (Stupid Girl)

Tyhmä tyttö-albumin kansi

Suuri Kurpitsa 2004
88 pages, A5, black and white, perfect pound

A collection of short stories from 1999 to 2004. Born out of the will or need to deal with a certain subject matter, most of the stories were originally published in a zine.


Zines are interesting publications in the sense that they allow you to make comics out of anything you like. The only restriction is the quality of printing because many zines are made using a photocopier. When you are your own publisher, no one can tell you that your comics aren't good enough, or that they are too political, personal or emotional. The first and second edition of Tyhmä tyttö have different covers.

Graphics & concept: Tiitu Takalo
Web design, concept & code: Simo OllilaSimo Ollila is a freelance web designer and consultant based in Tampere, Finland. Simo just loves CSS-design and web standards. His other passions include usability, SEO, marketing in social media and The Clash.