Tiitu Takalo

Cover on the Pedals Tiitu Takalo

On the Pedals – Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow

Suuri kurpitsa 2023, 168 pages, B5, colour, hardcover.
ISBN: 978-952-7160-64-0
On the Pedals is based on Tiina Männistö-Funk’s study on Finnish bicycling and Tiitu Takalo’s experiences as an active biker. The biking takes place especially in Turku and Tampere but also in Helsinki, Oulu and Berlin. On the Pedals takes a look on the essence of bicycling and its possibilities in society for an individual. The reader is taken on a trip into the history of biking. The graphic novel opens eyes to see cities differently providing surprising perspectives on methods of transport and urban planning. Biking in general turned into a marginal method of transportation fastly after the cities started to get planned for cars only. On the Pedals illustrates how decision made 50 years ago effect our daily life today. The book also invites the reader to imagine a different kind of city and to find the joys of bicycling.